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Wee-wee challenge

2021-12-16 18:20 - 0 Comments

Lots of people love going out, drinking and having fun!
After a while they feel the need of looking for a toilet but most of the times they provide to do their business somewhere else.

In order to avoid bad smells and dirty environment in the city, the idea we propose is about making the public urinals a funny place to interact with.
We took as example the Dutch urinals (recently installed in Italy) and we applied in the inner part a simple system composed by a float (it works like that one we find in the cars’ petrol tank), able to activate a visible light device that gradually shows to the participants their amount of urine made.

Who will be the winner? The result will be communicated in a visual and sounding way thanks to a sphere placed over the participants’ heads.

The public toilets become an entertaining place for a challenge between friends; as final result we have a clean city and a more welcoming place to live in.
Submitted by Brutto Francesco, Enrico Moccia



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