Technological Locks

2021-12-16 13:24 - 0 Comments

PROBLEM: The majority of Junior High students and High School students too, hate that sometimes you forget your combination or maybe your lock doesn’t work very well and gets stuck all times. Well is time for that to stop. We deserve to have fun when we want to open our locks.

SOLUTION: If we install a chip that could have a microphone in it at our lockers door, just by saying a chosen word your locker can be opened very easily. You may think that everybody will listen to your password, no; your password will be your voice pitch, or volume. As you are unique in this world, as your fingerprint people may choose between a fingerprint and a voice code. and the lock can say something to you too like good morning. It will fun to open my lock now.
Submitted by Aidin Gonzalez



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