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Poopoo Up Monsta

2021-12-16 17:41 - 0 Comments

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the only monster that does good for humanity, man and his pets. This monster asks to be fed exclusively with animal droppings, opening his mouth a sensor makes speek the monster making so gracious speeches to be fed, in his mouth is a receptacle where it is deposited the bag with excrement, this receptacle is integrated on a scale that senses the weight of the excrement, and according to the weight the monster will say funny things, low weight - is that all? better go and feed your pet! A little more weight - I am more hungry! go get more! normal - this was rich, yummy the more fragrant, more flavorful! Great - yumy yumy! and where this dessert? Huge - cof cof cof, want me to drown?, Give fiber to your pet! manually closing the receptacle mouth drops the content and the monster inside will make a sound of chewing and then burp. that's the idea you can do a simpler version or a more complex phrases and full of jokes, in one hand the monster carries bags to be used, and so on. Submitted by Jorge Alanis Carbajal.



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