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This idea will encourage people to go to the park and have a wonderful pastime to exercise better, refresh their minds and get a feeling of doing their part to save the environment. Installing boxing (kick boxing too), cycling, pulling and rowing machines that can tap on to the energy produced by the aforementioned exercises in the park. The participants should be shown the amount of green life they have saved during their workout session and a set of good health tips can also be displayed to create health awareness among the participants. The electricity created from the work out sessions can be used to light up the park or sent back to the power grid if it is in excess. The kind of exercises presented here are also great mood enhancers due to its macho nature.


Monotonous exercises such as jogging keep people away from doing exercises, gyms are mostly boring and monotonous due to the closed doors nature of it. Besides, no one wants to waste their time on travelling to the gym.

This idea will make the neighborhood park more exciting and a feeling of communal belonging will also be its side effects :), exercises such as boxing, cycling, pulling and rowing are great ways to refresh the mind and body since it demands limited movements and people of all ranges from obese to slim can participate in it adding to the benefits, electric energy that could be created from these exercises far surpasses any other forms of exercises due to the traction that is provided by moving pulleys and gravity itself. The setup cost is also very cheap.

Submitted by T Yadav



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