The Fun Reversible Vending Machine

2021-12-16 20:44 - 0 Comments

1. This Fun Reversible Vending Machine looks like a regular RVM but with a computer screen and keyboards.

2. It operates like a game / social networking site, where users gets money in return for putting in recycled products and for correctly answering questions.

3. The questions are based on data from previous users, who when “playing” must; 1. put in a recycled product, 2. provide answer to a very basic fun facts question about oneself (like favorite color), and 3. correctly answer the fun fact question of the previous user.

4. The RVM screen also captures a photo image of the user, to be temporarily stored and used; 1. in conjunction with previous user fun fact, and 2. as a public display on screen that says something like “I AM GREEN” or “HELP GREEN OUR COMMUNITY” until the next user comes. For privacy reasons, the user has the option to not have photo taken and nor provide personal fun facts (random recycling trivia facts will be used instead)

5. The appeal is based on the desire to DO GOOD, the need for SOCIAL INTERACTION, and a chance at getting 15 SECONDS OF FAME.

6. The idea is to have this in a fairly closed knit community such as a university and/or office buildings that allows for a more fun social interaction.

Submitted by Vitri Wibisono.



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