The Subway Game

2021-12-15 22:44 - 0 Comments

This game makes commuting and waiting for trains a fun and stimulating experience. Three huge numbers are painted or pasted on the subway platforms, however not on one surface but several different ones on many levels of depth. The objective of the game is to find the viewpoint from where the color fields makes out a number. Should you stand at the wrong place the fields are incomprehensible. Once you've found the viewpoint where the number is visible you can find a plaque on the floor or closest wall with two small numbers. When two small numbers are collected from each of the huge numbers you get a six digit code which you send to Stockholms Lokaltrafik. You then get a small prize, perhaps in the form of a free MP3, a free subway ticket or similar. Stockholms Lokaltrafik will exchange the plaques a couple of times per week. Information on how the game is played will be available on the platforms. Since the game is languageless it can be playes by anyone regardless of background or language skills. Naturally the game can be played anywhere and not just in the Stockholm subway. Submitted by Håkan Lidbo.



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