Fun Speeding Feedback

2021-12-15 17:18 - 0 Comments

My idea is to have markings on the road that when seen by the driver of an approaching vehicle appear to change shape at a precise speed. For instance a car approaching markings positioned at a 20mph speed limit at 20mph +/- 2mph, instead of seeing a random set of dots and lines would see a smiling face or other appropriate graphics. The fun element of this is that the graphic would be different not only for different speed limits but also for different locations so there would always be an incentive to drive within the limit to see which graphic would appear. In order to be diffused successfully, the patterns on the road would have to be compatible with current road marking technology.That is, made from the same hard wearing thermoplastic material. They would show relative advantage in that they are a passive system and would stimulate drivers to drive at the correct speed without further energy inputs, unlike other active systems. They would be highly observable due to their very nature. They would be easily trialable as the cost of implementing them would be low. Though complex in themselves, using them would require no training, only the willingness to have fun.

Submitted by River Lovejoy.



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