Collector Can

2021-12-15 20:22 - 0 Comments

The true about how this new idea born, is that I first think about the challenge of how boring and sometimes tired is to put every can in the floor and then crush each can, the action repeats depending on how many cans you have, and the challenge of make some space, and then recycle each can, it’s just annoying, or simply most of the time people, just mix the cans with all the garbage .Well this is a new container crusher thrasher, where you can put the soda empty cans, and have fun while you recycle. so I think of a machine that works with no electricity, just put the can in the machine trash and rotate the handle, the concept is similar to the machines of coins that already exist, generally in parks or places of tourism that make you a coin with the picture or the name of the place recorded on the coin. Well this “Collector Can” has the form of a cylinder; it’s about 1.5 meters high, and the container it’s made of acrylic, and works using a gear mechanism that will crash the cans easily. The idea of the Collector can it’s to have them in public areas, events, museumm, etc. As it fills the container, smashed cans will fall to the bottom of the cylinder forming a figure; for example, a figure of a human or a star. The purpose of this is to motivate people to completely fill the figure while recycle.

Submitted by Mitchell Rojas Leon



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