Worth the walk

Worth the walk

2021-12-07 11:33 - 0 Comments

Everyone wants the best parking spot. Typically, the best spot is closest to the destination (the mall, the park, the school, the gym). This simple idea rewards those drivers who park furthest from the destination. They get protection from sunlight, rain or snow, keeping their car cool and dry. What's more, they get energy from the extra exercise and fresh air they receive walking to their destination. This canopy would span the back parking spaces of the parking lot. It could be used for advertising space for either the destination or for major marketers. It could also have an eaves troph to catch the water and gather in barrels for use in gardens in and around the parking area. Things to consider: 1. placement to minimize sun and precipitation 2. open concept for safety and snow removal 3. should be reserved for 'customers' 4. make it large enough that a good ratio of visitors get to use it. Disregard the artistic talent (or lack thereof) and focus on the simplicity of the concept. Submitted by Bryce.



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