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Art for your sole

2021-12-03 11:26 - 0 Comments

It's art you can walk on! It would be like going to an art gallery with sunshine, bird song and in comfortable sneakers! I am proposing this installation as a means to get people active. It would manifest itself in the form of a locked glass-top box embedded into the ground with artwork inside. These could be fitted on popular and even obscure walking trails in and around the city that draw people back to walk them again and again to see what’s new. The ultimate aim for this project is to create an installation that catches someone’s attention by being slightly foreign in its context, and to create a pause point, a point for someone to catch their breath or to just enjoy the art. It could even be an audio panel or have some visual media playing in the box. “Art for your sole” could definitely be launched as an art display medium, it could potentially be used around the city or further afield as additional ‘pause points’.

Ranges of uses could include:
-Display box with art inside.
Or when stepped on:
-Activates an audio description that gives a brief explanation of art work inside.
-Glows various colours for a period of time.
-A series of numbers in a walking trail – to keep you on course, or distance to next marker.
-Activates an audio description of the park or area of the city you are in – with a map underneath.

Submitted by Melanie Sparks.



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