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Musical Doors

2021-11-30 13:50 - 0 Comments

The notion behind this design is to make revolving doors fun to use, as they are far more environmentally friendly than the widely used automatic sliding doors. Revolving doors are not just environmentally friendly because they can be powered manually as opposed to automatically; they also offer excellent protection against draughts and heat loss due to the nature of their design. In this design, the central core of the revolving door is attached to the drive shaft of a traditional music box. The music box is mechanical and therefore requires no external electricity to power it. As the door is pushed, the central core rotates and the music box begins to play. The faster the door is pushed, the faster the music box will play. In addition to this, the central core can also be attached to a kinetic energy generator, which would be capable of capturing the kinetic energy created by users pushing the door. This energy could be stored and then used as electricty by the company who owns the door. Submitted by David Grocott.



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