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I bet you can't

2021-11-30 16:05 - 0 Comments

A “I bet you can’t “ campaign to spread over the most different issues, such as doing more exercise but also taking care of the environment. Fun is game, game is challenge. People are much more intrigued and motivated if they are ‘teased’. Messages can be displayed on car hangers, stickers, sidewalk signs, public toilets, etc. and can be accompanied by ‘social’ messages such as “did you know that 60% of Europeans spend 2 hours in a car everyday?” “Do you know that walking fast or jumping for more than 5 minutes a day can prevent you from heart diseases?” “ Do you know that if every person can pee inside the toilet, we can save 250 bottles of cleaning detergent per year? Submitted by Luisa Cartei.



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