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Gotcha - Overspeeding Device

2021-11-30 14:04 - 0 Comments

Imagine every car you see on road is fitted with a little device I would like to name “Gotcha”!! This is like a black box which is hidden away in every car (will be good fun trying to find it!) . “Gotcha” is nothing more than a combination of receiver and sender unit with inbuilt GPS. The receiver unit of “Gotcha” receives a signal from a tower (similar to mobile network tower) which constantly sends road speed and location data to all vehicles in its range. This data is uploaded onto each tower by the government and is transmitted 24/7, 365 days a year (just like signal on your mobile phone) A little computer in “Gotcha” constantly compares this data with the real time GPS and Road speed information coming from the vehicle you are travelling in. If you are found to exceed speed limit for say, 5 seconds, the speakers in your car warns you by yelling “ Gotcha” (or may be something nice – Please slow down!). If the driver ignores the warning and continue to speed, the Gotcha sender unit will come to life and will send information about the vehicle (registration no, owner , home address etc) to the tower which would finally be sent to traffic governing body in your country to post you a nice present! Submitted by Rakesh Gupta.



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