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Happy Waiting

2021-11-07 20:51 - 0 Comments

I'm waiting in line and getting bored with nothing to do and I don't dare to small talk to the people around me. The line is very long at the postoffice/ bank/ waitingroom/ hospital/ busstop ... and the clock is ticking very slowly. Waiting on my turn seems to take forever.

I - and all the people around me - like to take pictures with their cellphones on holidays, special occasions or just for no special reason. We can upload these to a local network connected to a video-projector that is showing the pictures very big on the wall.

The person's phone that's uploading sends out a little sound signal. Everybody will know whose picture it is and can start talking about it. It will be a safe introduction to small talk.

I hope some people will get acquainted to the people in their neighborhood, even become friends. Waiting is no longer a boring waste of time but a time to talk to people and a time to get to know each other better. And even if I won't meet new friends in the post-office or whatever-line, time flies when everybody is having fun!

Submitted by Hieke Denijs



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