Workout Games

2021-11-02 10:48 - 0 Comments

There are vast amounts of games, and lots of different styles that people enjoy. Often bars will have a touchscreen with a variety of entertainment. All of them have a challenge, and with these challenges, I feel people can become extremely motivated to workout... or to them "get to the next level of the game." You see this effect constantly, when people who refuse to run for exercise, will run twice as much when playing a sport. Sports are the primal proof and exercise games are the perfect way to take this hard-wired healthy exercise to the next level.

The exercise games would be vast and interactive. Some people like action, others strategy, and even word games. Whatever the person chooses, the game will be loaded on the screen for that machine. An Elliptical machine will be the best choice, as it is steady and smooth. The game will display the simple statistics for time and calories, but most importantly it will enrapture the athlete in each one of us, to beat each level. Beginner levels will warm up the participant, and the as the difficulty of the game increases, the resistance of the machine can be adjusted to optimize interaction. As most games have a scoreboard, so will this one. People will compete for recognition and high scores in their gym!

Submitted by Gant Laborde, USA



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