Give Peace a Chance

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Too often in our disputes with friends, family and neighbors we chose non-productive and sometime destructive options for handling conflict. Over time these become knee-jerk reactions with little thought going to other ways of engaging those with whom we are in conflict.

Give Peace a Chance is a game, located in large public spaces, that helps people explore constructive alternatives in handling their everyday disputes.


Recycle Fun

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The problem that a lot of people do not do is recycling. Right now we really need to help the environment. So we have come up with a really fun way to get a lot more people to recycle a lot more. We are doing this because we are very concerned about the environment. Our solution (or theory) is to get people to recycle plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and bottle caps. We want to make it as fun as possible so that way we can get a lot more people enthusiastic about recycling and how it can be really fun. Here is what we plan to do.


Washed up Prize Club

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Not many guys wash their hands coming out of a public washroom. I think if it was more fun than people would do it all the time and it would promote good hygiene. I think that the taps should play music while they are washing their hands and if the wash them for the correct amount of time (minimum of 15 to 20 seconds of lathering) then a prize drops out of a slot for them. This could be a mint or something like that. Just an idea.
Submitted by Duncan MacLellan

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A Pack of Home-brewed Fun Ideas to Challenge Everyday Problems!

Submitted by Videlina Slavkova & Emil Simeonov


Funny footsteps

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People often walk on the track intended for bicycles, thus jeopardizing the safety of both them and bicycle riders.
Additionally people do not exercise enough. Walking and running are considered to be very healthy, but mostly people are bored to do so. The change of rhythm while doing these activities is extremely important.

Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank - Change can save us

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The object of the game is to insert cans inside a huge see-through Piggy Bank to collect it. A bling bling sound play for each cans inserted and the piggy bank indicate the weight level (skinny to big) of the metal collected. So, people can figure out the impact of the metal collected on the environment if its not the case. Submitted by Sandrine.


Recycle Booth

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Recycle Booth is a fun way to encourage people to recycle any sort of material. When you place the material (e.g. sheet of unwanted paper) into the corresponding compartment, the machine will be triggered. From then on, you follow the on screen instructions which will guide you through how to use the booth (which will act like a photo/sticker booth) to take a photo and after taking the photo, you can decorate it with the interactive pen attached to the machine and leave an on-screen message, e.g. "I recycled" or your name.

Submitted by Win San Pang

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Tap Bomb

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Have you ever notice that: when people open the tap, do they use the water or just do something like brush their teeth or stylish their hair but open the tap without conscious. They just unconsiously waste the water resource. We need something can remind them: you should be awareness of saving the water. We would like to design a tap built in a “bomb”. When people open the tap, they must wash their hands and turn off it within 7 seconds. Otherwise, the led display shall show explosion and sound serious warning.

Watch Wash

Watch Wash

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Don’t want to buy fruits or vegetables because it’s not so healthy if they’re covered in pesticides and germs? With Watch Wash you can transform your fruits/veggies from dirty to delicious! Watch Wash will naturally remove biological and chemical dirtiness, as you watch, much like you would at a Car Wash.

Submitted by Jessica Kienzle


School Chairlift

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Hasn’t driving to school for your whole life been sooo boring? Well not any more! A Chair Lift is solar powered, unlike cars, which makes them good for the environment! A Chair Lift will be used for school, and will have the name of the place your going to on it! They even go at a safe speed! If it is pouring rain or snowing just pull down the cover! You also get a great view, a nice breeze [ in summer] and back-pack hatches! What a fun convenient way to get to school! Submitted by McLean Masuch

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Dog The Dryer

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When it is raining, most of the big scale shopping malls would place an "umbrella plastic bag stand" at the entrances, prevent the wet umbrellas bring the water to make the floor slippery. Even it would prevent accidents, but it produces loads of plastic bags in a very short time when the customers leave the mall.

Instead we can use Dog the dryer!
Bigger umbrella can use a bigger size dog.
Smaller dog for a rather short umbrella.
Just simply place the wet umbrella into the dog body,
grab the tail of th dog, then,

Interactive Crosswalk

Interactive Crosswalk

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Waiting at crosswalks frustrates all of us, more or less often. We're all in a rush at sometimes and don't feel like waiting. But lots of accidents happen because of jaywalking. How can we make waiting at crosswalks more fun?


Pedal Powered Ice Cream Maker

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Step right up to the green ice cream stall! Just choose your flavours and put into the tiny ice cream maker. Jump on the bike and pedal hard for 5 minutes. When you're finished you'll be ready for some delicious freshly made ice cream! Submitted by Matthew Venn


Magnet Driven Car

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Think of the future, think of magnet driven cars. These cars use no petrol/gas whatsoever. They use a - and a + charge of a kind. Paving the roads with a magnetically force (aka magnets or magnetic liquid), they will have a - charge on the car. The car will have the same looks, but it has its wheels replaced by huge magnet blocks, like a box. On the car it will have - charge while the road will have a + charge, the car can be driven in the same way but in a hovering motion. Now the moving mechanism is a simple task.


Velcro Grocery Bag

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The main problem of the green grocery bag is that people forget it at home. We wanted to change the mindset of shoppers when it comes to bags: today it costs them in Toronto 5 cents for every plastic bag. It is obvious that a cost is not a deterrent of forgetfulness. We want them to think of the green bag in terms of savings. To that effect we are proposing a grocery bag that you can stick velcro grocery list items on. This saves the shopper time from having to write a list or call their spouse to tell them what they need to buy. It also saves their sanity because.



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Fed up of having to pay to use jukeboxes in public places? What if you didn't have to pay to listen to music? My idea encourages people to recycle and in return are rewarded with one credit of music per object which is deposited into the bin. They are then given a choice of music to be played and listened to by people in a public area. This doesn't just benefit the user, but is also making the planet a greener place.
Submitted by Zachary Holt


The Chatter Ladder

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Have you ever noticed how loud kids get in cafeterias? The “Chatter Ladder” is our fun and entertaining solution to this problem! A sound meter in the “Chatter Ladder” detects and registers the noise level every second; the quieter students are, the more points they score and the more lights are illuminated on the ladder. Messages scroll across the top of the screen either congratulating or encouraging quiet conversation! An average score is recorded for each lunch period. Each lunch group tries to attain the highest score and see the most lights light up on the “Chatter Ladder”.


Queue 4 Life

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The basic idea of this project is to teach to people to make the queue. This is a real problem in public places (where there is not a conditioned queue for safety issues) and a real problem in many countries like Italy.
How the project is: 1. create a "queue area", a line that indicate the pathway for the persons, you can make it funny by using lights or other stuff, but it's not compulsory; 2. the area "outside" the queue must become a noisy area and people must be embarrassed on walking on it.


Technological Locks

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PROBLEM: The majority of Junior High students and High School students too, hate that sometimes you forget your combination or maybe your lock doesn’t work very well and gets stuck all times. Well is time for that to stop. We deserve to have fun when we want to open our locks.


The Skyway Bridge

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In Mexico there are peatonal bridges wherever we need them, but people prefer to run against cars. We planned to simulate clouds and a big pink slide.

Submitted by Claudia Rodriguez.