Johan Tell has probably done more than any other Swede to change our environmental choices. As author of the best seller “100 ways to save the world” and “Trees can save the world” he tells us how we could change lifestyle to achieve a more sustainable development.

Amelie Silferstolpe is the founder of the volunteer agency and recipient of Veckans Affarers social capitalist award 2009. She has arranged contact between more than 19,000 volunteers and organisations in Sweden. She helps volunteers have fun, make them feel needed, and contribute to society in meaningful way.

Stefan Dahlin is a product manager with VW Sweden. He has overall responsibility for the models and technology available on the Swedish market. Stefan is a huge Volkswagen enthusiast, even in his spare time.

Petra Mede was recently voted Sweden’s funniest woman. Mostly known as a tv show host with a witty tongue, Petra also has a keen interest in the big environmental questions we face.