The Chatter Ladder

2021-12-15 20:13 - 0 Comments

Have you ever noticed how loud kids get in cafeterias? The “Chatter Ladder” is our fun and entertaining solution to this problem! A sound meter in the “Chatter Ladder” detects and registers the noise level every second; the quieter students are, the more points they score and the more lights are illuminated on the ladder. Messages scroll across the top of the screen either congratulating or encouraging quiet conversation! An average score is recorded for each lunch period. Each lunch group tries to attain the highest score and see the most lights light up on the “Chatter Ladder”. The light colors may be changed to match school colors or just add variety. The “Chatter Ladder” is a computer program that is projected onto a large screen/wall so all students may see it. Try to digest just how nice a quieter lunchroom could be! Watch it work!
Submitted by Ivy Allgeier


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