Garbage Jukebox

2021-11-27 15:49 - 0 Comments

Portugal and Spain share more than common traditions and lifestyles. They share common problems. In both countries it is usual to get together with friends in weekend nights in selected city spots. Everyone seems to have a blast but they seem to forget to clean up after themselves, leaving a lot of empty plastic cups and bottles behind. So how can we make putting the empty bottles and plastic cups in their rightful place a fun thing? Nothing goes better with friends and party than music. What if the soundtrack of the party was dependent on their hability to clean up after themselves?

That's exactly what the "Garbage Jukebox" does! Every bottle equals 1 minute of music, and every plastic cup equals 1/2 minute. The time you gain on the Jukebox is cumulative, so, as long as everybody puts their empty bottles and cups in the Jukebox, the music never stops!

Submitted by Francisco Morgado Véstia


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