The LOL (laughing out loud) Poppet

2021-11-20 10:03 - 0 Comments

Are you angry? Are you shouting? Howling? The Laughing Out Loud (LOL) poppet will help you!
The LOL poppet stands there on the table, like a silent half orange. He responds only to the loud, yelling voice. The poppet relieves the tenseness, the stress with a hysterically, long-lasting laugh. He tries to put somebody’s mind at rest, to induce the howling, yelling man it toward laughing. The angry person does not notice in the first phase, then he take note to the strange laugh, and began laughing. One day perhaps we do not shout at each other, at colleagues, at acquaintances in the family, on the workplace.

Submitted by Miklós Szabó


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