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Emma and Gary

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The society needs to develop a habit of throwing away the trash and for that we must teach to the children the importance of throwing away the trash in the right place to have a better future. That's why the action of throwing trash must be something fun and think it's a game. The children will get excited with the idea of throwing the garbage and even they will be eager to reach the nearest boat to start having fun. The trash bottle will be a friendly character, cute, funny and will smile at the moment you put your garbage in order to teach the children to care for the environment.

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Cheerful Car Faces

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Cars often have "faces" - the front grille and headlights can make a face, the tail-lights and trunk can make a face. Many of these faces look angry, dour, and even menacing. Why not design other options? It would be more fun to see cheerful, mysterious, serene, whimsical faces when driving. It might be harder to get mad at a car that looked like it was smiling at you.

Submitted by Pris Sears



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Standard Recycling bins are often used inappropriately or not used at all, but Yes-U-CAN is a magnet from all points of view! Its basic design is a very tall inverted translucent bin, where cans fly to the top thanks to a standard low-power electromagnet. Its advantages include:
* People can see their can as it flies over to the top
* Due to its height, the bin is very easy to see even if you are far away
* By catching peoples attention, it collaborates with the amount of garbage collected by the other two standard bins
* It has an increased capacity, only limited by the decided height


The dust counter

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The dust counter is a counter on your vaccum cleaner which collects points. The value is shown on a display. When you´re done cleaning, you connect the vaccum cleaner to your computer, and your points are transferred to a website, where you every month compete to have the most points!

Submitted by Johan

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Rhythmic Cycling

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Our purpose is to improve the experience of anyone who likes to run
or to cycle in non urban routes. In result, we also expect that this
alterations we purpose can bring new people to try this routes.
The project is about setting up paces and rhythms during the "travel"
trough the path.
The sound option has a very simple mechanic set up. its all about
creating a new fake floor with pipes under it and whenever someone
steps over it, it will produce a sound of the floor hitting the pipes "
POM" and if someone passes trough the floor and steps over all the