Wheel of Fortune

2021-12-16 13:09 - 0 Comments

We created a recycling concept for batteries and energy saving lamps that are collected at bus- or tram stations.
Usually, batteries and energy saving lamps are thrown into the domestic refuse and afterwards burned at the refuse incinerator. But actually, they contain toxic contents which could be recycled if people were not too lazy to dispose them at a recycling station. Within our design, a recycling station is combined with a bus- or tramp station and a wheel of fortune you can play with. The pool for the game is a battery or an energy saving lamp. With a little luck, you can win a price reduction or even a free ticket. Getting rid of old stuff, playing, saving money and doing something good for the environment by using public transportations and by recycling precious materials will be fun for the people. Submitted by Simona Merker and Norma Höer.



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