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TreeGame Recycling

2021-12-16 18:30 - 0 Comments

If paper recycling can be made more fun, it would probably make more people acknowledge the importance of paper and paper products recycling. At the same time, if The Fun Theory would be combined with The Wining Something Theory, probably even more people would take a steep in this direction. This is all this project is about. Making people understand how much every sheet of paper means, making people recycle it, in a more pleasant way and also giving something back to them or their community.
My idea it’s simple. Collecting and recycling can be a fun game, where you can also win goodies. For every kg of paper you collect you get a nice card, made from recycled paper, with a number of points equal to the one of the kilograms of paper you brought to recycle. When you got 100 points you will get a real tree that you can plant in your garden or that you can donate to your community. So instead of cutting down trees you recycle and plant at the same time.
Submitted by Monica Adriana Bulgaru



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