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Toy soap

2021-12-16 19:22 - 0 Comments

A huge problem for any parent couple - to make children wash their hands every time they get dirty.
To solve this problem let's think of a carrot and stick method of teaching - however this time only about the carrot part. There should be a strong motivator of why a youngster must wash his hands.
What if s/he could get something out of the soap after using it? This would facilitate him/her to wash hands as frequently as possible to wash the soap off for getting what's inside it.
So by putting a toy in the transparent soap, a youngster would see a clear vision of what s/he will get if s/he washes hands frequently enough.
Transparent soap could be complemented with a "surprise soap", when a person has to wash his/her hands with a goal to see the toy that is hidden in there. Making thematic collections of toys, like in Kinder Surprise, would make this wish even stronger. This might even attract grown-ups, who like collecting small thematic toys.
Submitted by Dmitry Golubnichy & Andrii Shekhirev



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