'til the last breath

2021-12-16 15:43 - 0 Comments

The aim is to persuade the smoker to cast the stubs at the right place.
The ashtray screen will give a random emoticon+sound answer when activated, rewarding the citizen for his kind act with a positive and funny gesture, trying to put a smile upon the smoker´s face.
By placing the cigarette still lit in the ashtray mouth, a smoke ring, the every smoker’s delight, will be produced right in front of his eyes with the actual smoke that he would be otherwise inhaling , thus avoiding the user to breathe in the last puffs of the cigarette, those with the highest contents of toxic pollutants. By preventing the last intakes, he is encouraged to smoke a little bit less and to be a tiny little less unhealthy.
If you don´t buy that you shouldn’ t smoke, at least you shouldn´t smoke ´til your last breath.
Submitted by Emil Yusta



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