Talking Ashtray

2021-12-16 18:22 - 0 Comments

Solar Powered, Talking Ashtray is designed to get people to use the ashtray instead of throwing their cigarette buts on the ground and keep the environment clean. The solar panel means that it is self contained and maintenance free (it can still be used indoors next to a window). When someone goes to stub their butt out the censor activates the voice recorder that has the following messages: Always the first message says something like: "Tsssss (sound like hot metal being cooled in water) thank you so much for using me". That can be followed by one of a random series of comments that are funny and/or informative like....
1) Did you know that... (Trivia/history about the area the ashtray is located in) or 2) Did you know that... (Trivia/statistics about the bad effects of smoking - encourage quitting) or 3) Tell a short joke
These ashtray could be mass produced for distribution to any public area, in any country with an easy way for the voice messages to be programmed by the user (to localize the trivia). It should be made with sturdy metal and have special/antitheft bolts to secure them. Submitted by Ted Gosling



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