Solution to a Dirty Problem

2021-12-16 09:35 - 0 Comments

ICK, germs! They can make you sick. Very sick! Germs (viruses and bacteria in this case) cause respiratory and stomach ailments ranging from drippy noses and mild sore throats to life threatening illnesses such as diarrhea, flu and pneumonia. We spread germs quickly, mostly by touching our nose, eyes, mouth and other people. If people would thoroughly wash their hands for twenty seconds every time they use a public restroom, the number of those illnesses could be greatly reduced. Who says? The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), UNICEF, the American Medical Association (AMA), the World Health Organization (WHO), the British Medical Journal (BMJ) and more. Education is not the answer. Everyone knows they should wash their hands! Motivation is the key. Hand washing should be FUN! Is this possible? Absolutely. Here is a Simple Solution: A faucet glows brilliantly, changing colors whenever its heat sensor detects a person in the room. It attracts the eye instantly -- like a work of kinetic art left by accident on the sink. The person notices the artful faucet and hurries to accomplish his or her main task, eager to return and check out the magic sink. There’s more… A motion detector turns on the water when it detects pair of hands under the faucet. The faucet projects colorful, animated germs on the hand-washer’s hands. As the person washes, the germs begin to POP and after twenty-seconds, they are all gone. Mission accomplished. Submitted by Lorna Brown and Jackie Hirtz.



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