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Smart queuer

2021-12-16 11:41 - 0 Comments

I thought of a sequence of thick tiles, made up of four buttons, each of which gets illuminated when a person stops on it. It could be a system of weight sensors.
The whole scheme could also include a turnstile at the end of the path. The rotation of this turnstile should make the colors, illuminating the tiles, change. All these changes could catch the attention of other people coming.
The energy powering the lights may both come from a conversion of the mechanic action of making the turnstile rotate and from the weight of the person standing, just after he or she has come on the tile. This could guarantee to save energy.
The path has no existence of having a precise number of tiles and this means it can be used everywhere and for solving different problems (such as entrance to the dentist’s for kids....)
Materials used for the tiles can produce spectacular effects, keeping a eye on the health of the environment: a lot of plastic products can be recycled many and many times.
Besides the tile itself doesn't need to be too complicated: it can be designed to be easily disassemble and easy nto throw a way.
Many of the parts the tiles are made of can be bought at low prices.
Even if the smart queuer doesn't have devices which can be considered to be very fun for blind or handicapped people, they should not have problems by finding this system on their way. I thought of shaping the surface of the central buttons of the tiles: this would permit blind people to move easily and handicapped people not to have vibrations produced by wheels passing on the rough surface shaped with blind-guide-lines.
Tiles must be shaped to host wheelchairs.
I also thought the surface of lateral buttons could be made of a different material if the system will be placed outdoors.
Tiles should be embedded into the pavement the ground, to be accessible for all the people.
Submitted by Elisa Reinaudo



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