The Slot Machine

2021-12-16 15:35 - 0 Comments

We understood that the concept of fun theory has been created to change trough fun wrong behaviours of the citizens. Since there, we tried to find “wrong behaviours” around us. In fact in Lisbon, our city, you will find two places very dirty: Bairro alto and Santos. They are party places; you can find there plenty of bars and a lot of people, mostly on weekends. Also in those places you don’t find a lot of garbage, that’s why the floor is full of glasses, empty bottles and smoked cigarettes. Nowadays no one does the effort to reach garbage. We decided to change that precise behaviour. To do so we invented the Slot Machine. This machine is going to be prepared to receive the three principal elements of those streets, glasses, bottles, and cigarettes. The lever bar will only be activated when one of those three elements will be detected. After that you will then be able to pull it and see if you have the chance to win something. If you do win, you’ll hear the traditional victory sound and a little piece of paper will come out of the machine. The presents proposed are quotes or jokes, nothing material because the behaviour of the citizens has to be changend through fun and not in the perspective of actually winning something material. Submitted by Johanna Luis, Hugo Oliveira and Angelo Souza.



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