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Sink Water Light

2021-12-16 19:28 - 0 Comments

Both of the idea authors admire taking a shower, not together though :) However, we have rarely thought of how much water we usually consume ineffectively by spending 30 min under the shower. After discussing this issue with other "shower-lovers" it became obvious that the primary reason for spending 30min in the shower is the lack of any time reminders around. To solve this problem and to make keeping time more fun to do, we decided to introduce a "traffic light" system for the sink or the shower, but call it "water light". The idea is as follows: The object, depicted in the attached picture, is placed into the sink. As soon as you turn on the water, it reacts on water flow, and the bulb inside lights green. As soon as the water keeps permanently flowing for 5 minutes, the light, as in any traffic light, changes to flashing yellow. This means that you have overused the water, and the situation is close to waste of clean water. In 2 more minutes - the bulb is in red color, which means that you should immediately stop using the water flow. Either people are washing their hands, cleaning teeth, or taking shower - by creating such associations between regulation of car traffic and water flow people will have a clear reminder when they have overused the water and when they didn't. Submitted by Dmitry Golubnicy.



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