Scream Chambers

2021-12-16 17:40 - 0 Comments

A long with the rapid and tremendous growth in technology as well as industrialization of human communities , specific problems in these communities have plagued these societies .among them are the daily mental and psychological strains , tension and anxiety encountered by individuals. The important issue is that the peak of such stress and anxiety occurs between 20 and 50 when governments after having invested of such human resources . One of the methods proposed by psychologist to ease these pressures is weeping or shouting through which , one can ease all the pressures at once. There is an easy way in "scream chamber" plan which follows . There are a lot of parks in small and big cities where people go to when they are grappling with mental and psychological pressures .they pace in these parks to sooth their soul .there are empty spaces in these parks .some rooms or chambers with acoustic walls , facilities to offload stress and psychological pressure , ventilation , closed –circuit camera , and fragrance for people to offload stress by shouting , screaming and etc . so , people with the mentioned problems could , enter these rooms , and offload their stress , anxiety with themselves to workplaces and homes.
Submitted by Alton Ray



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