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Rhythmic Cycling

2021-12-16 18:55 - 0 Comments

Our purpose is to improve the experience of anyone who likes to run
or to cycle in non urban routes. In result, we also expect that this
alterations we purpose can bring new people to try this routes.
The project is about setting up paces and rhythms during the "travel"
trough the path.
The sound option has a very simple mechanic set up. its all about
creating a new fake floor with pipes under it and whenever someone
steps over it, it will produce a sound of the floor hitting the pipes "
POM" and if someone passes trough the floor and steps over all the
pipes really fast, he will ear "pom,pum,pom". The pipes will have
different measures so they can make different noises.
When someone passes trough one of these floors, he/she will
immediately be ansious to pass trough another one, that will be set up
meters away.
The sound option, will be based on several vertical poles that will
show up on both sides of the path and will have an infrared detector
that is activated whenever someone passes in front of it.

Submitted by João Mogadouro



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