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2021-12-16 15:02 - 0 Comments

ReZoo is a recycling machine/game for children that is designed to encourage recycling through fun. It is a three sided been, on each side accepting different recyclable item: bottles, paper and cans. Each side of the toy is a touch screen displaying animated animal character. In the idle state the animals are sad and bored, and when approached by a person they call for attention by making animal sounds. By inserting appropriate recyclable item, the animal will play with it a bit (juggle for example) and throw it into the recycling can on the screen. This will make the animal happy and only then the child gets to play with the animal (pet the animal, walk, give it toys to play, watch it sing, or play a game) by using a touch screen or control board. After some time the animal goes back to the start state, so new recyclable items needs to be inserted in order for child to continue to play with the animal.
This teaches children about recycling and encourages them to recycle by giving them a reward: fun. It also improves recycling habits in their parents who are now saving the recyclable items for their children to play with ReZoo.
Submitted by Muhammad Ali, Eunjin Bae, Pradthana Jarusriboonchai, Yuyu Zhao and Nevena Stojanovic.



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