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Relax Driving Game

2021-12-16 20:50 - 0 Comments

On the cities huge traffic jam is very common, drivers have to wait long periods of time on their cars without being able to move, this causes a lot of stress that isn't healthy for the driver and the passengers. In fact is a period of time that they must wait, but what if we could change this situation, what if we could find a solution to this problem that affects people all over the world, people that have to face this problem on a daily basis.
What if they can move forward in spite of the cars, what if they can do it virtually, maybe playing a driving game!
So meanwhile the cars are immobilized the driver can play moving around a “virtual car” that is shown on a billboard on the street. The driver can feel the sensation of moving forward, to avoid obstacles on the virtual track, playing, having fun and relaxing, until he has to continue.
They will play moving his “virtual car” to left or right, with their car lights, that are detected by sensors. So when the left light turns on, the “virtual car” moves to the left and the same happen with the right light. So the driver and passengers can relax and have a good time!
We introducing the “Relax Driving Game”.
Submitted by Alex Julca Ortiz



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