The reciclyng ticket machine

2021-12-16 16:53 - 0 Comments

A problem to be solved in Argentina and probably in other countries, is that people who finish a bus, train, a highway or metro trip throw away their tickets on the station or on the street. Most of the tickets are made in paper
Can we get more people to throw tickets into a special machine, rather than on the ground, by making it fun to do ??
I think we can. And we solve two problems at once.
We can install special machines inside the main stations ( see graph ) where people must
1 ) Insert their ticket in the right slot ( e.g. subway ticket in subway slot ).
2 ) Select one of the following buttons ( bus, train, metro, highway )
3 ) Press two buttons. You can choose either two colors, two fruits or one color + one fruit
4 ) If your choice matches the computer´s, you win a special ticket for the means of transport
That you had picked in point 2. e.g you can get:

a single pass
one day pass
three day pass
weekly pass
monthly pass
an annual pass

With this machine we reduce garbage on the ground, and all the tickets are collected up in a unique place so they can be recycled more easily.
Submitted by Alberto Pellegrino



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