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The Questionable Bus Stop

2021-12-16 16:53 - 0 Comments

The idea is to make the boring task of waiting for the bus more enjoyable On the side wall of the bus stop there is an interactive touch screen. The screen broadcasts Trivia questions from a large questions bank. The idea is that the entire crowd within the bus stop can participate and shout answers, and finally select (by touching) the right answer to their knowledge. This is a fun and bonding experience for everyone in the bus stop, and most importantly it passes the time and makes people forget their busy schedule, at least until the bus arrives. It is also possible to get a free bus ticket for answering enough questions correctly. To make sure only clean energy is used, the screen is powered by a rechargeable battery, which can only be charged by performing a positive action, such as riding a fixed bike. When energy is low, the screen urges you to paddle some more to continue playing. Variations on the subject: one of the most enjoyable experiences can be playing a competitive game of trivia – against the crowd from the opposing bus stop on the other side of the road! Another variation can be a competition in which the winner is the bus stop with the best answers ratio in one week or a month. Submitted by Elad Azaria



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