Paper Toilet

2021-12-16 10:47 - 0 Comments

In the city, metro, conventions , It is very common to find magazines, flyers and newspapers mixed in the garbage if not in the floor... when there are the first paper we could easily recycle!!! The PAPER TOILET serves to recuperate in a funny way all these papers by sitting on this special toilet like in a regular one, putting the papers in the middle of the "p" hole, and just flushing.... it's flawless!!!!
- It´s very simple, based in a daily symbol with a strong signification
- The 'P' for paper adapted as a sign in the ergonometric shape of the chair, to be seen from far away
- the people like to seat to take a break
- Toilet is always a good reference to stay in calm for a while
- to pull the toilet chain always detonates an action:
We can make more funny by changing the regular sound of water falling for unexpected sounds (animals sounds, laughs, nature water sounds , human voices or noises, etc, in a random sequence)
- We can motivate even more the response adapting the device... depending on the amount of paper we put into, we can receive maybe an origami figure made with the recycled paper instead.
- Just in case there is not enough storage space, we can put it against a regular garbage basquet.
Submitted by Sabrina Cortellini



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