Musical Hand Wash

2021-12-16 15:43 - 0 Comments

Kids don't always wash their hands properly. A Musical Hand Wash featuring music, animal images and fun instructions is a great way to teach and to remind kids how to wash their hands properly. A musical welcome mat would start the step-by-step instructions for washing hands. A sink with an elephant for the faucet would be enticing and water would be released when a sensor detects hands under the trunk. Another sensor on the soap dispenser beside the sink would detect when soap has been released and music would play for 20 seconds. When the music stops, the instructions for rinsing and drying hands would automatically start. By making proper hand washing fun when kids are young, they are more likely to continue this healthy habit as adults. The images, instructions and music can be age- specific or vary in order to be used in different settings such as schools, theaters, restaurants and other public places. Interspersing Musical Hand Washes among sinks that are less fun to use would be a great way to test and prove The Fun Theory. Besides, isn't there a little kid in all of us?
Submitted by Alicia Payne



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