Musical Atlas

2021-12-16 10:04 - 0 Comments

Nowadays, music is part of everyone's life and songs are a powerful tool to retain information through lyrics. If you just play the first notes of any well known song, almost everybody can sing it, even after many years. Why not learning geography with songs?
This project proposes a complete musical atlas. A song would be written and composed for every country. More than one song could be proposed for large countries. The song would describe the country: its land, mountains, rivers, coasts, forests, climate, volcanoes, people, neighbouring countries and seas, main crops, capital city, main cities, culture and so on. The song could take the form of a trip around the country. The compact disc would come with lyrics, maps and different facts and datas to understand the country better. An audio commentary could be included on the disc to complement the information.
Awareness of many social and environmental issues could be raised by includind facts about topics like effects of global warming and hunger in certain countries.
Submitted by Jean-Francois Duval



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