Magnet Driven Car

2021-12-16 09:00 - 0 Comments

Think of the future, think of magnet driven cars. These cars use no petrol/gas whatsoever. They use a - and a + charge of a kind. Paving the roads with a magnetically force (aka magnets or magnetic liquid), they will have a - charge on the car. The car will have the same looks, but it has its wheels replaced by huge magnet blocks, like a box. On the car it will have - charge while the road will have a + charge, the car can be driven in the same way but in a hovering motion. Now the moving mechanism is a simple task. pushing and holding the known gas pedal, the magnets in the back of the vehicle, will turn upwards making it push all the way until you let go. the brakes will work when it is lifted or for emergency there will be a brake system. the steering is the same also, because it will have titanium alloy and silver bars to support the magnets to enable the driver to turn. it is also safe, because it will stay on the road thanks to the magnets keeping it there. another way is automatic, which the driver types in the destination, like on a GPS, then the car will move automatically towards the destination while the driver will have some time to relax, and its safe for drunk drivers because the automatic system will drive for the alcoholic influenced driver. this could save many lives in the World.
Submitted by Indi



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