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Magic Footbridge

2021-12-16 16:08 - 0 Comments

A common problem on the highways is that lots of pedestrian cross the road among cars instead of using the footbridge. This behavior can result in accidents and running over. Would be possible to increase the number of people using the footbridge and to decrease the number of people that across among the cars by making the footbridge cross something funny? This is the objective of the “Magic Footbridge”.
Something that can make people get into the footbridge is to show, in the entrances, the following sentences: “Would you like to be Thinner? Fatter? Higher? Stronger? Lower? Just different?! Get into and try!!” This sentences will be shown with funny pictures of people extremely tall, short, thin, fat and so on. Inside the footbridge, people will find mirrors that warp everything (typically found at amusement parks) so that people will see them flattened, stretched, enlarged and so on.
Submitted by Virginia



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