Machines to recycle

2021-12-16 13:53 - 0 Comments

The problem is that people don’t take time to recycle. The solution will be that we found a way to recycle and at the same time have fun. If you want to have fun and at the same time recycle plastic, cans, paper, glass, carton and used batteries you can go to the Machines to Recycle. Instead of using coins and wasting your money you can bring recycle things and you will play with machines. Each machine has different things, for example one will be of cans, you will give cans and then you can play.
How will it change the behavior? It will change the behavior because many people want to play so they will recycle thing so they can. That will change the environment. People will start to recycle things and at the same time they will have fun. If we recycle it helps the earth and if we don’t recycle we could die. This is a very great way of recycling.
Submitted by Ana Elsy Cossio and Ana Sofia Martinez.



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