Leaves Leaves

2021-12-16 21:07 - 0 Comments

The trees make the best patterns with their leaves. And then the kids, longingly, watch them through their car windows as they pass by. They imagine how big a leaf pile that many leaves could make. And the workmen & women, with their face masks and their heavy blowers 'clean up' the walkway and neaten the park with the sharp buuuuzzzzzz in the mourning aire, while the businessperson walks past, smelling the crisp tang of fall and gasoline and fried electric circuits. Blah. No fun.

How 'bout this: The workpersons hand out reusable bags while they keep an eye on the piles, for safety's sake. The kids fill 'em...or maybe the business folk?

2 full bags = 1 BIG jump.

Mom, you gotta try this! ...& when the smell & the crinkle hit her, she remembers...

Okay...now they're starting to decompose, so we can move them over here & use the compost to heat the radiant water for this building.

Come back next Fall, we're gonna make the piles bigger!

Submitted by Stephanie Diane Pierce



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