Kast med litet bidrag

2021-12-16 19:17 - 0 Comments

It's way too easy to donate money these days, so easy it's actually boring. Let's make it harder and add a chance to double your contribution.
We'll raise a wall in a public spot where you get to throw coins. If you hit one of the holes in the wall: bullseye! Your money just doubled. Missing is okay too, because your money will still be a nice donation to a good cause. The nice little thing about it all is that you get to choose which organization you want to donate your money to (if your aim is good enough). We could even add some extra details like giving out sodas or playing a fanfare, if you're good enough to find that bonus trigger, or both of them.
The wall could also be a more of a long-term installation than all the earlier proofs of the Fun Theory. It could be up for a week or even a month if one was so inclined. It's easy to compare and prove the effect by counting how much money an ordinary donation pledge.
Submitted by Felix Holfve



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