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Jump for your energy

2021-12-16 11:06 - 0 Comments

This project aims to create energy and entertain people while waiting at the bus stop.The goal is to use all energy created by man power, through jumping on a board on top of a spring.This will in turn create enough energy to power a lightbulb on the spot they are jumping on, at another nearby spot, or by creating them as part of a game (chess, dancing, etc).
It can also be extrapolated to other waiting areas according to their environment.
The idea can apply to any bored person waiting at the bus stop that wants to do something and not waste time or energy.For a person found in the middle of nowhere, during the night and with no means to signal the bus to stop for him at the bus stop it can also be a practical tip.
"Jump for your energy" is here to:
- entertain people
- make people move their bodies (exercising for 10 min gives you 1/3 of the needed exercise daily routine)
- warming them if outside it's really cold outside (as they will be jumping around)
- creating a sense of direct relationship to energy generation by giving it a physical meaning
Submitted by Carmen Ancuta.



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