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Interactive Tree Heaven - paper saver

2021-12-16 16:48 - 0 Comments

Photocopiers are a point of high paper usage - and wastage. Most machines today offer double sided and reduced print but people do not use these facilities. Why?
1) its a little bit technically difficult (not a lot)
2)This takes time (which we think adds pressure)
3) there is no immediate financial cost to us (assuming the company pays)
4) there is no incentive

So... Lets design a USB add in monitor that shows "TREE HEAVEN"
As copies are made earth trees die and are re-grown in tree heaven on the display. This may be dull and sad, but when a double sided copy is made the heaven becomes more colourful, and happier. birds appear.

Any copying that optimises paper usage is rewarded in Tree Heaven.
Over time heaven grows and evolves, including carbon footprint and encouraging the planting of actual trees. i.e 1000 copies = 1 new tree. Companies are prompted to plant a tree or water the office pot plant. By doing this they can interact with and improve the environment in Tree Heaven and their home town.

The photocopier becomes a place in the office that is restful, un-rushed, playful and fun. It is also a point where conservation of trees starts.
Submitted by Andrew Newman



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