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Happy hour's Kit-Nic

2021-12-16 13:36 - 0 Comments

During the happy hour's we produce a lot of rubbish: plastic plates, plastic cutlery, plastic cups,paper napkins and paper placemats. Kit-nic is the ideal solution because it may become your happy hours ecological, playful, charming and classy. Kit-nic is in two versions:
- a shoulder-bag reminiscent of pic-nic (for him and her) so you can turn your meetings in urban picnic;
- a lighter, easier for people leaving the office and can carry the kit in his briefcase;.
Inside the kit-nic you will find everything you need for your happy hour: a plate, a saucer, a spoon, a knife, a fork, a oliveìs spit, a teaspoon, a glass, a napkins to clean your dishes before you put them back in bag, a placemat. All this content into a nice shoulder-bag that you can choose between different colors. The ligth kit-nic instead you will find: a plate, cutlery, napkins and a placemat. All contained inside a thin, lightly padded case. The minimum necessary to permit a Happy Hour ecological can take with you. All tablewares, shoulder-bags and briefcases are customizable: you can invent your own fantasy texture, you can choose the favorite color or the most famous fashion designer. A real urban-eco-picnic!!!
Submitted by Maya Devah Klein



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