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Happy flu-fighting masks

2021-12-16 19:33 - 0 Comments

The mobility of people around the world is unimaginable nowadays. People manage to travel across countries and continents within hours with lowest rates ever. Does this bring only benefits? Not really - as it was recently shown by the spread speed of the swine-flu disease. One of the methods to fight similar illnesses is to wear a flu-fighting mask. However, opinion polls show that only 5% use this protection method, while more than 36% think that people wearing these masks look like hypochondriacs. This is an obvious problem, because of necessity of effective overall protection and awareness of the disease, since the population health is dependent on that. To solve this problem we have thought of allowing people look happy with those masks, not like faceless individuals. Putting a smile on the mask - would make a world around look much happier that with blank ones. In the further idea development stages, people might be allowed to make masks with their own pictures, which would make these masks even more attractive for any individual. Submitted by Dmitry Golubnicy



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