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2021-12-16 09:05 - 0 Comments

Hand washing – The Germ Killer. Current Problem: Not enough people wash their hands in public restrooms, or they merely use water and no soap.
Purpose: To create awareness of proper hand washing techniques while also alerting those around of the overwhelming issue of people not washing their hands—or merely drenching them in water. Solution: Create an interactive ‘motion sensor’ game that allows the general public to 1) wash their hands correctly and 2) compete with others that have also washed their hands in this facility.

Method/Design: The ‘fun’ aspect of the design will be an interactive game that requires the player to ‘push the soap dispenser to start’ (located to the left/right of the faucet head on the counter), ‘load up on initial water’ (ammo) [this feature would get the hands sudsy but then shut off the water so as not to waste excess water], and then the user vigorously rubs their hands together under the faucet sensor to rid the screen of as many germs as possible (the faster one scrubs the more germs disappear). All the while there will be a 30 second timer that is counting down so the user knows how much time is left.
In other words, it would be a motion-sensor game with visuals projected either down onto the counter space next to the sink, or encased in a small box that is bolted to the sink (so as not to be stolen) but can be moved from bathroom to bathroom. At the end of the standard thirty seconds, the user is given a score that can compare to those before them (score with timestamp) and the water turns back on for them to rinse.
Items needed: Motion sensors (2): To monitor both lateral and vertical movement of hands
Game: some sort of infinite spawning of germs game, somewhat like space invaders but enough different that if violates no copyrights.
Projector/screen: self explanatory Computer controlled shut-off/on valve for water. Small ad that reads "try to beat the high score"
Submitted by Zack G.



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