Gun Trash

2021-12-16 13:31 - 0 Comments

Problem: The problem in the United States is that a lot of people don’t throw the trash were it belong. They don’t care if the trash is every where. We need to do something so they can throw the trash were it needs to go. We have to do something fun that we can do to help our country. It is so important that we do something so our country would not look like a big trash in the whole world. Almost all the people who live in the United States don’t want to help to throw the trash in the trash can. So I got an idea for this problem. Solution: The solution for this problem is that I invented a game that it is fun. Is like next to the trash can I put a gun of toy that throw things. Of course it would be tie down so the kids could not steal it. Well then the person who wants to throw things could put their trash inside the gun of toy and if they throw it to the trash “would get a thousand dollars”. It is fun to do it you just need to throw it until you throw it in the trash can. Submitted by Miriam Gutierrez



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